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Fr. General's visit to India


   Fr. General visited Bangalore on 14th February 2020. He was in India for a Joint Council Meeting of all the three Units of the Indian Provinces of Bangalore, Majella and Liguori, that took place in Goa.

   Fr. General was generous enough to meet the confreres and students. There was a program organised to felicitate Fr. General at Nava Spoorthi Kendra on 14th February'20 at 5.30 in the evening. It started with a prayer dance by St. Alphonsus School children followed by Mass at 6 p.m. presided by Fr. General and con-celebrated by Fr. Edward Joseph, the Provincial Superior and his council. During the celebration Fr. General in his homily spoke about our Redemptorist mission in India and called the confreres to build on the foundation laid by the senior confreres who paved the path for the future. in India. He encouraged all to find new ways in bearing witness to the Redeemer in the present context in the subcontinent.

   After the Holy Eucharistic Celebration, Fr. Edward Joseph felicitated Fr. Michael Brehl with the traditional Indian - Mysore Petta and a shawl. Students from the Redemptorist Theolagate and Juvenate from Sadupadesa Vidyalaya presented cultural programs to add colour to the occasion. The beautiful green lawn at NSK played host to a sumptuous fellowship meal with the General and many Redemptorists who came to be part of this occasion. 

   Fr. General left to Goa on Sunday, 16th Feb'20 for the Joint Council Meeting to plan matters concerning the Formation, Mission and Leadership in India. He was in Goa till 19th Feb'20 and returned back to Bangalore on 20th Feb'20. He met the senior confreres at St. Gerards and the students in Sadupadesa before flying to Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was a blessing to have the General Superior with us and a time of fellowship for the Redemptorist in India.





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Inter - Provincial Council Meeting in Goa


     The annual meeting of the Councils of the 3 Units (Bangalore, Liguori & Majella) is being held at Pilar in Goa, India from the 17th to 19th February 2020. The V. Province of Majella is hosting the meeting this year. Fr. Michael Brehl (Superior General), Fr. Sebastian Anidato (General Consultor), and Fr. Jovencio Ma (Conference Co-ordinator) are present for the meeting.

     The meeting is evaluating the Joint Projects in Formation and Mission that the 3 Units participate in. The meeting also is taking up new areas of Joint collaboration in Media and Communication, One Redemptorist Voice for India, Partnership for Mission, and RYVM. The meeting is an important moment for the 3 Units to understand the process and roadmap towards formation of an Association/Federation of Redemptorists in India as part of the process of Re-Configuration in the Conference of Asia Oceania.

     Fr General also used this opportunity to visit the Joint Formation House (Mt. St. Alphonsus Theologate) in Bangalore as well as have a meeting with the Formators and Lectors at Mt. St. Alphonsus. He was also able to meet the Community and Students at the Joint Philosophy House (Bangalore and Majella) at Varca in Goa.

     Fr General made a visit to the Nano Nagle School for migrant slum children which is a project of the Ministry for Migrant peoples of the V. Province of Majella.


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First Professions from Bangalore and Majella Provinces


Three students (Joshy and Arun from the Bangalore Province and Sebastian from the Majella V. Province) made their First Profession on the 13th June 2019 at Mt. St. Joseph, Kotagiri in the Nilgiris in India. This was a historic occasion. It was the first time three major superiors in India (Bangalore, Liguori, and Majella) attended and celebrated at the First Profession Service. The moment was also historic as it was the end of the Joint Novitiate for Bangalore and Majella with the Profession of the three novices and at the same time the beginning of the Common Novitiate for Bangalore, Liguori, and Majella. A MOU for the same Common Novitiate was signed on the 9th May 2019 in the presence of Fr. General and Fr. Jovencio Ma the Conference Co-coordinator.

The Board of the Novitiate with the Novitiate community and the 3 newly professed and the 13 Novices


The Common Novitiate has begun under the Board consisting of the major superiors of the 3 Units in India. The Rector of the Novitiate is Fr. Sahaya (Bangalore Province), Novice Master for this year is Fr. Jomio Thomas (Bangalore Province), the Socius is Fr. Lester (Majella V. Province) and the Administrator is Fr. Rajanayagam (Bangalore Province). This year the Novitiate will be at Mt St Joseph, Kotagiri in the Nilgiris (S. India). Next year the Novitiate will move to Edoor in Kerala under the care of the Liguori Province with Fr. Alex (Liguori Province as the Novice Master).

This year 3 novices made their profession in Bangalore and Majella. The New Common Novitiate has 13 novices (5 from Majella, 4 each from Bangalore and Liguori). We thank the Lord for the gift of these young men, those newly professed and those beginning their novitiate.

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Perpetual Profession of four Confreres in India


(Bangalore, India) Today, 8th June 2019 is a joyous day for the Province of Bangalore and for the Vice-Province of Majella as a few students belonging to their particular Units made their Perpetual Profession at Holy Ghost Church, Bangalore. Three clerical students from the Province of Bangalore (Bro. Prem, Bro. Vijay and Bro. Robin) and one clerical student from the Vice-Province of Majella (Bro. Dony) professed their vows for life before their families, friends, and the confreres. The mass was presided over by Fr. Edward Joseph (Provincial Superior of the Bangalore Province) and Fr. Ivel Mendanha, (Vice-Provincial Superior of the Vice-Province of Majella) preached the Word highlighting the challenges of being a religious in India today. This was followed by a festive lunch at Mt. St. Alphonsus (Redemptorist Theologate), Bangalore. As we thank the Lord for these four brothers and their joyful giving of themselves today, we pray that every moment of their lives, they be ‘Witnesses of the Redeemer in solidarity for mission to a wounded world’.





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Meeting of the Councils of the 3 Units in India (Bangalore, Liguori, and Majella)


The Councils of the 3 Units of India (Bangalore, Liguori, and Majella) met with Fr. Michael Brehl, Superior General and Fr. Jovencio Ma (Conference Coordinator) from the 7th to the 9th May at the Pastoral Center at Kanjirappaly in Kerela. This was the second such meeting in 2019, the last one being in Bangalore last year in the month of May.

The meeting chaired by Fr. General was historic as it witnessed the signing of two MOUs by the 3 Major Superiors and the Conference Coordinator (Fr. Edward, Fr. Biju and Fr. Ivel, and Fr. Jovencio Ma), a Second Edition of the MOU for the Mt St. Alphonsus Common Theologate in Bangalore and the MOU for the Common Novitiate for the 3 Units which will be in Kotagiri this year and then move to Edoor in Kerala next June 2020.

The Agenda for the meeting also took into account with regard to the Common Formation and thus saw the setting up of a Joint Secretariat of the 3 Units for Formation which will look into different issues for formation including the preparation of a Ratio for Formation in India. Another commission was set up consisting of a Joint Commission of the 3 Units for RYVM.

The Common Mission of the 3 Units in North India was discussed at length and a Board consisting of the 3 Major Superiors was constituted to look into setting up an MOU for the same common Mission at Palwal in North India. Various issues concerning the common mission, common Policies, Territorial jurisdiction were also discussed.

The three days of the meeting also gave an opportunity for the 15 confreres of the 3 councils with Fr. General and Fr. Jovencio to attend an ordination of Fr. Jose Kutty of the Province of Liguori.

The Three councils will meet again next year in February 2020 in Goa in India to continue the efforts for Common Formation and Mission, thus living out Solidarity for mission in India.

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A void that can never be filled- RIP Fr. Clement Campos, C.Ss.R.


On 26 July 2018, Fr Clement Campos, C.Ss.R. sent a WhatsApp message to the Redemptorists in India with these words: “Yesterday, I celebrated my 47th anniversary of ordination. Yesterday God also told me I had cancer. He has invited me into a new way of participating in his redemption. Pray with me that I be faithful. I love you my confreres and I count on your support and prayer.”

A little over a month later, on 28th August at 12:50 pm, he breathed his last. This past month, Clement faced the ravages of pancreatic cancer with a serenity that came from a heart that had offered and surrendered his life and impending death to the Redeemer. He was lovingly attended to, by his own Redemptorist family and the many members of his own Campos family.

The funeral was held on 29 August 2018. The Eucharist was presided over by the Archbishop emeritus of Bangalore, Bernard Moras. The current Archbishop of Bangalore, Peter Machado concelebrated and then blessed the mortal remains at the end of the Eucharist. There were several concelebrants present not only from among the Redemptorists, but also other religious and those of the Archdiocese. There were also several other consecrated persons. The Church overflowed with hundreds of persons  - many of whose lives were touched by Fr Clement Campos. He was a remarkable man who lived a remarkable life and died a remarkable death as he participated in the new way of participating in God’s redemption - faithful to the end.  

Clement had chosen the readings and the hymns for the Liturgy in advance.  And the entire service was a thanksgiving to God for the gift of Clement. It was also an expression of gratitude to Clement for the many things that he was to many people: a wonderful pastor, brilliant teacher, talented musician, compassionate minister, lover of the poor and broken, vulnerable and marginalized. He served the Redemptorists as well the Church of God not only in India but through his theological contributions, the wider world as well.

At his express desire, the homilist was Fr Juventius Andrade CSsR. There was a string of eulogies delivered at the end. There was a message sent by the Superior General which was read out by Fr Assisi Saldanha appreciating Clement for who he was and what he contributed to the worldwide Redemptorist Congregation. A moving eulogy was given by Fr Joseph Royan on behalf of the Province of Bangalore. There were also tributes delivered by Fr Joseph V. J. for the Liguori Province and Fr. Shane Varghese for the Vice Province of Majella. Fr David Jesuraj thanked the many persons who cared for Clement during his time of illness. And finally Clement’s brother, Mr. Mario Campos thanked all on behalf of the Campos Family.

Fr. Clement Campos has left a profound mark on the Church in India, but he has also left a void especially among the Redemptorists, that can never be filled. The sure consolation is that we have yet another intercessor for us all - one who faithfully persevered as a Redemptorist till the end. God rest you Clement. We miss you. We are grateful to you.


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We congratulate Fr. Prodeep and Fr. Christopher on their Silver Jubilee of Profession


Fr. Prodeep Mondol and Fr. Christopher Ponnuswamy are Celebrating their Silver Jubilee of Profession today. They made their First Profession on 27th June 1993 in Kotagiri.

Fr. Prodeep Mondol is currently the Superior of Taherpur Redemptorist Community, Kolkata and  Fr. Christopher Ponnuswamy is serving as one of the Associate Parist Priests at Holy Ghost Church, Bangalore.

We wish them all the best in their Missionary Life.

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Celebration of First Holy Communion in Nithya Sahaya Matha Church, Tenali


There was a Eucharistic Celebration of the First Holy Communion of 72 people in Nithya Sahaya Matha Parish in Tenali on the 31st of May 2018.


We also concluded the Marian month with the procession of our Mother in the streets of Tenali.


Fr. Edward Joseph , CSsR presided over the Holy Eucharistic celebration.


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Fr. General's Meeting with the 3 (V) Provincial Councils in India


Fr. Micheal Brehl, the Superior General met with the 3 (V) Provincial Councils of Bangalore, Liguori & Majella from the 14th to 16th of May at Liguori Bhavan in Bangalore. Fr. General is accompanied by Fr. Sebastian Anitdao (General Consultor) and Fr. Jovencio Ma (Conference Co-ordinator).

The first day began with the mass presided over by Fr. General where he stressed the need to be open and to listen to the working of the Spirit in each one present. He chose the example of the election of St. Mathias on the feast of St. Mathias to show how the Spirit can choose the one not expected and how the Spirit can work through the one chosen by God. He emphasized the necessary qualities of leadership both encouraging the leadership teams and also challenging us.

The day was devoted to sharing on the responses and impressions of the 4 Assemblies, reviewing the Missionary Priorities and Apostolic Priorities for India.

Fr. General and the team met with each of the (V) Provincial Councils (Bangalore, Liguori, and Majella) individually.

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MOU for a Common Philosophy Study House


An MOU for a Common Philosophy Study House in Varca, Goa, called St. Gerard Majella Study House was signed on 16th May 2018 by the Provincial, Fr. S. Arulanandam (for The Province of Bangalore) and the V. Provincial, Fr. Joseph Ivel Mendanha (for the V. Province of Majella) in the presence of Fr. Michael Brehl, Superior General and Fr. Jovencio Ma, Conference Co-Ordinator and Fr. Sebastian Anidato, General Consultor.

This common Study house has been already operating for 4 years as a common Philosophy Study House for the two Units in India. There are 13 students in Philosophy from the two units.

There is already a MOU for a common Novitiate between the two units, and a MOU for a common Theology Institute between the three units in India. This is now an important step forward for joint collaboration in Formation in the country.


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Strong in faith, rejoicing in hope, burning with charity, on fire with zeal, in humility of heart and persevering in prayer, Redemptorists as apostolic men and genuine disciples of Saint Alphonsus follow Christ the Redeemer with hearts full of joy


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